Brown recluse spider web

If you find a web anywhere in your home, that will say that you have spiders in your house. The web of brown recluse spider is usually found in dark areas inside your home. Its web does not take much of a space and can be small as an inch.

You can found webs inside your house, beneath stones, trunks, wood holes, bricks, under your roof, in your garage and laundry and even in your furniture. Spider webs act as their diurnal hiding place.

Brown recluse spider webs are hard to identify because it does not have any distinct characteristics and has no specific makings or design. To say the least, its web looks like randomly built and carelessly constructed.

Aside from being a place of dwelling, spider webs are also their nest or comb where female brown recluse spider laid their eggs on. You can see their eggs inside a web coat.

The main difference of a brown recluse spider to other spider webs is that its web are mainly used for nesting purposes and not as an insect traps, which is what most spider webs are. Being so, their webs do not have the typical circular designs that common spider webs have.

Brown Recluse Spider Web