Brown recluse spider behavior

Generally, the brown recluse spider is not aggressive and will only bite when threatened. It is not used to catching prey and they like to lurk in dark, dry and warm areas this is why they are often found in closets, basements and wood piles. It can possibly bite a human when the spider is pressed against the skin. This spider is most active during summer months when the environment and the weather are most suitable for them. This is also the time when spider bites are often reported.

You will not find brown recluse spider during the night, but they are active in the dark. They attack humans when they are caught in clothing or when touched when they are sleeping. Spiders are active at night because this is the time they look for their preys. They eat dead insects.

During the night, male brown recluse spiders are on the hunt for females to mate. A female brown recluse spider can lay eggs of about 40 to 50 eggs hidden in a web coat which looks like a coat of gray silk that is about 2/3 of an inch long. Female spiders can produce several coats (with eggs on them) per month.

Although fatal to human, the brown recluse spider actually has no interests in harming humans. Its bite is always unintentional and it only bites when it is touched or threatened. This type of spider is synanthropic, meaning it benefit from humans this is why it often lives near to them, associate with them, and build their habitats in areas where human thrive. Recluse spiders are naturally nocturnal and they are attracted to humans' artificial light so you can find a number of these spiders living inside human homes.

Inside homes, they can usually be found in dark spots in areas like the closets, garage, bathrooms, vents, and even in shoes and clothing. They can also nest in old books, furniture and boxes. Outdoors, they can be found under rocks and hollow trunks.

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