How to prevent a brown recluse spider bite

To be able to completely avoid a brown recluse bite, you should stay away from them. You can lower down the possibilities of an encounter when you have an idea where they dwell. Spider habitats are often in dark, warm and dry places like closets, in your basement and in wood piles. This type of spider is most active during summer months.

Brown recluse spiders are often found in homes and live with humans. Make sure that you always clean your house thoroughly on a regular basis. Clean up and reduce the clutter that you may have in the basement, the attic and garage. If you have some building materials, firewood and debris, wood piles around your home, make sure that they are away from your house's foundation because these are common habitats of spiders.

Brown recluse spiders can also be found outdoor. You can install window screens and door sweeps that are secured and tight-fitted to make sure no spiders can enter your house. Spiders are attracted to normal lights. You can use a different kind of light like the sodium vapour light bulb, which is less attractive to spiders. You can use this type of light bulb in the outside entrances of your home.

If you have storage boxes, make sure that they are free from spiders. Don't keep them under your bed. You can store your extra stuff in closed plastic bags instead of boxes and keep them in your garage instead. It is also a good idea to keep a distance between your wall and your bed. If there are cracks on your windows or shut doors, make sure that you repair them.

Since most of these spiders hide in clothings, make sure that you shake your shirts, pants and your shoes before wearing them. Check towels and bed sheets for any sign of spiders.

If you think you are still in danger of brown recluse spider after doing these tips, you can opt to consult and hire a professional pest elimination service in your local neighbourhood. You can also use chemical agents or insecticides that can kill insects and arachnids, including brown recluse spiders.

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